Monday, February 10, 2014

“Always Read the Book of Mormon LOUDLY” —Sister Imelda

Dearest Family,

I can't brain today, I have the dumb. I'm sorry if this letter is scattered and all over the place.

This past week for P-Day, we went to the Tiger Kingdom and cuddled with tigers of all sizes, which was very exciting. I am obsessed with baby tigers. I think I want one for a pet.

We also had lots of teaching appointments this week, which was great. We had lots of Recent Convert lessons, which was fun. We also had plans to meet with a member named Laika who has been less active for over 20 ish years. We were going to meet with her at Sister Imelda's house. Both are from the Philippines and so sweet and wonderful. But...Laika ended up not being able to come because she got a new job. So we met with Sister Imelda and had a really wonderful meeting with her. She told us her AMAZING conversion story. Typing it out would not do it justice. I may just have to tell the story myself when I get home. Just know that she was prepared by the Lord and she loves Him and loves the Book of Mormon. She counsels her children to always "Read the Book of Mormon loudly." I got to thinking about that this week. Reading the Book of Mormon loudly. What exactly does that mean? When she was telling her kids to read, she meant out loud to each other. But I think there's more meaning to it than that. I think it means not being ashamed of who we are or what we stand for and not being afraid to tell people about the Book of Mormon. I wrote Sister Imelda's advice on one of my 2139875329871243 post it notes that I got for Christmas and stuck it on the wall next to my desk.

On Thursday we had switch-offs with Sisters Reedy, Packard, and Sumittra. I went with Sister Packard and Sister Sumittra and we went contacting all day long. Seriously.

In other news, all of the sisters in our house have a that has been fun. Hooray for sharing germs! Haha.

Also, this wonderful investigator of mine, Tan, is getting baptized. She's wonderful. :)

So that was my week. Much love to you all!!!!

Sister Hughes

Contacting with Sister Sumittra and Sister Packard.
tiiger kingdom!

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