Monday, March 10, 2014

“Oh, no! My skirt fell off!” —Sister Som

Me and my little family of followers riding away from Big C.
This week was an good one that is for sure. SO much good stuff happened :)

On Monday, we went to Big C to do some shopping. The elders were already there and were just about to leave when they realized they left their bike lock key at home. They borrowed our bikes to go get the key at their's fine; they're both just over 6 feet and looked like they were riding midget bikes. It was by far one of the highlights of my week.

That night, the elders had a crazy miracle. They were super discouraged after a long night of contacting with no success. When they got home their phone rang. It was someone who had gotten their phone number from a pass along card and said he wanted to be baptized. Just like that. What?! Sister Packard and I were both in awe.

On Wednesday, we had Brother Ford and Sister Ann follow us literally everywhere. From 3 to 9 pm, they were with us at every appointment and every contacting opportunity. I jokingly told them that we were like a little family, and where did they want to go to dinner? After that, Ford and Ann started calling me "mom." Some things never change, I guess, no matter what country you're in or what language you're speaking. Haha.

This week we have found many new investigators. We are seeing a lot of blessings for the hard work and sweat we are giving. In weather news, it has only gotten hotter in Lampang and things don't seem to be cooling down a bit. It's fine, though, we are learning to enjoy the sweat. (Learning is the key word here...)

We had a zone training this week about talking to everyone. I got to see Sister Woodbury at the training! :) Elder Nirut, who is now our zone leader, taught us to "ไม่เลือกหน้า" (don't choose faces)—or to not pick the people we talk to—because everyone needs the gospel. I love that phrase in Thai—not judging people on their appearance. Don't choose faces. :)

On Thursday morning, Sister Packard and I had a crazy little miracle of our own. During personal study, we got a phone call from a random number. We answered it and it turned out to be a man Sister Packard had talked with but who wasn't interested. She felt impressed to write our phone number on a pass along card and give it to him, and a week later, he had changed his mind and wanted to be baptized! We couldn't stop smiling because what are the chances of this happening to one companionship in our district, let alone both of them?

This week we had another big miracle. We have an investigator named Tune. He is a single father of a 7-year-old son. He makes his living as a bus driver. He has been learning with missionaries for about 2 months now. He was baptized on Sunday, and it was easily one of the best baptisms I have ever been to. Watching Brother Tune was the best part. The whole time, he was very teary and just couldn't stop smiling. It made me so happy to see how much the gospel had changed and affected him. It amazes me every time I see it. I'm so glad I got to work with Brother Tune and help him understand there is a point to this life and he has worth and value. :)

We watched 17 Miracles again yesterday with the other half of the branch who didn't see it. Sister Som, who was watching with us, was wearing a skirt that was too small for her so she didn't zip it up all the way. Instead she held it in place with a necktie tied around her waist. (this was all hidden under her shirt, don't worry) During the movie, she took the tie off so she could be more comfortable but half way through the movie, she got up to move and her skirt fell off! She had pants on under her skirt—I don't know why—so no worries, but man it was stinkin funny. She yelled, "Oh no! My skirt fell off!!" It was very hard to be serious through the rest of the movie after that. Also last night during contacting, we went to this big market. Sister Packard decided to talk to this man who is there every week singing American country music. He dresses up like a cowboy and everything. It's so great. Anyway, I don't really know how it happened but somehow he and I were singing a country song together? Gotta keep the work exciting :)

So that was the week! For p-day today my district is going elephant riding :)

I love you all!!!!

Sister Hungry

The elders and our bikes. Seriously i can't handle it.
Brother Tune's son, Best.
Come to church in Lampang!
Tune and Best.
Brother Tune's baptism. The Branch accidentally color coordinated.

Ancient ruins by my house last pday.

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