Monday, October 13, 2014

“I may look like Piglet, but I have the strength of Pooh Bear.” —Elder Pyne

Wat Phu Tok, Bueng Kan*

Dearest Family Family Dearest,

I am sorry this email is so late in getting to you! I'm glad the Browns got ahold of you, though, and you are not worrying. We got back from our epic district P-Day hike a little later than expected, so not a lot of time here. This will be fairly short; I need to get to work! : )
And to anyone I did not respond to...I'm sorry! 

This week was great. A lot of working. A lot of gratitude in my little suitcase heart.

This week President Senior showed up by surprise and conducted interviews with our district here Udon. The timing could not have been more perfect. It was much needed and he was able to answer so many of my questions. I am so grateful for my mission president.

This week Sister Packard and I had a wonderful experience with inspiration and following promptings: We are working with a recent convert who has become less active. We have been trying to contact her for weeks and just couldn't seem to get ahold of her. The other day, we were going to an appointment at another less active member's house when I had the thought, "Go see Jiin." We pulled over at her house and for the first time in weeks, she was sitting in her living room. God directs us in the most quiet of ways. The Spirit is almost never overwhelming—certainly, there are those times—but for the most part, I have learned over my mission (and over my life time) that I just need to trust the promptings from the Lord and then trust myself. And when you do, you will find yourself sitting in Jiin's living room and helping her to rekindle her testimony in her Savior Jesus Christ.

I loved Conference. SO MUCH GOOD STUFF. I felt like there were quite a few common themes that have followed me throughout my mission—how to make good decisions, the reality of absolute truth and how to find it, and the importance of the strength of our personal testimonies. It's funny, everything that our church leaders were inspired to say answered my missionary questions and personal questions about my future. I have no doubt that our church leaders are inspired of God. I have no doubt that when we follow the things our living prophet teaches, we will be happy. God has a standard that we must each choose to follow. When we follow God willingly, He will continue to reveal His plan to each of us personally. It's our job to choose to follow our Savior, Jesus Christ. General Conference, man. It's good.

Today for P-Day we went on a hike out in a province called Bueng Kan. We went to this temple on top of a mountain called Wat Phu Tok. It means "temple on the single mountain." It was so FUN. It was the craziest hike; we were walking around on these little rickety wooden beams and climbing up stairs that were so steep and adventuring through rain forests. When we got to the lookout points you could see pretty much all of Thailand. It was the BEST thing ever. So much fun. :)

This coming week will be exciting, we have a district conference in Khon Kaen on Saturday, Sunday, and Monday. All three of the districts in the Isaan (Udon, Ubon, and Khon Kaen) will be meeting together. I am so excited for it. And, I will be able to see all of my people from Sisaket!!! And there are apparently some major announcements going to be made...Saturday will be a huge cultural celebration, as well. Monday will be our Mission Tour (Zone Conference with a member of the Area 70 present). (BTW we will most likely be emailing home on Tuesday, but be ready for Monday emails, just in case. I have no idea how P-Day is going to work haha.)

I love you, family. I am so grateful for you and your love. Talk to you next week :)

Sister Hughes

Photos...well. I don't have my card reader today because we got back later than we planned on, so we just came straight to the internet place... the photos from Elder Black will have to suffice for this week. I'll send next week, for sure.

Quotes of the Week

Sister Packard: "Two eyes are better than one!" (I had to agree...)

Elder Black: "Magic is this card game. It's my one geeky hobbit. SHOOT. I mean hobby."

Elder Pyne (who has been nicknamed Piglet and Pooh Bear his whole mission): "I may look like Piglet but I have the strength of Pooh Bear." 

(*JH note: Wat Phu Tok courtesy Google images)

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