Monday, September 30, 2013

A Week of Miracles, Beauty, and Dead Things

Hi family!

Interesting title, right? So I'll tell you about all the crazy things I saw first, and then I'll tell you about the amazing miracles that happened this week. Because they’re awesome. 

But first of all I can't believe it’s fall back home. I want the leaves to change colors! This morning I was renewing my visa and I got to wear a sweater inside because it was air I figure that was about as much fall and winter as I will get around here haha.

Ok, so on to the dead things. This week I saw (in no particular order) 1) dead pigs. My neighbor decided to turn his garage into a part-time butcher’s shop, nights only. So Sister Weed and I walked past on our way home the other night and there were just like 10 pig heads sitting on a folding table. Awesome. 2) a dead kitten. Just sitting on the sidewalk. It smelled bad. 3) a dead gecko in the church. We were cleaning the baptismal font and I found it in an electric box. It was literally just a skeleton with the weird little suction cups on its toes. 4) I was brave and killed a cockroach this week. 5) lots of smooshed frogs.

This week, in no particular order, I was told: 1) I was beautiful, 2) I was sexy (yes, that one came from dear Crazy Gaew, the bishop’s wife...and she wouldn’t let it drop for a good 20 minutes), 3) I was surrounded by a heavenly light, and 4) I was “Forever Young.” It’s amazing what actually wearing a little make-up does for your self-esteem. Hahaha.

So that’s it for dead things and beauty. Now on to the miracles :)

THIS SATURDAY BAM GOT BAPTIZED. MY GUUUUUUUUURL! She is seriously the cutest thing that ever existed. It was such a good day. I was trying to figure out how to explain her and how she just accepted the gospel so readily, because I still don’t quite understand it myself. But I read a talk this week by Elder Holland that helped me get it. He said that when you bear testimony, it will bring back an echo of things your investigators already know. Bam heard that echo from our very first lesson. She defied all the odds, because let’s face it, 13 year olds aren’t always excited to go to church for 3 hours on Sunday. But she is. And she is the happiest I’ve ever seen her, and I am so happy for her :)

This week I gained a real testimony that the Lord is preparing people to receive the gospel in Thailand. On Tuesday in English, I saw a man who had never come to class before. He seemed to really enjoy the spiritual thought when we closed, and I had the overwhelming impression that I needed to talk to him. I was tired, there were 6 million other things I needed to do, and I wasn’t feeling super confident in my Thai that day. But the Lord brings the blessings when you go one step farther than you think you can, and because I talked to him, we now have a golden investigator who is getting baptized in mid October. In our first lesson, he told us he had never seen the missionaries before and that he’s never seen a miracle, either. He came to Bam’s baptism on Saturday and was so excited about it. When we were talking after, he said, “Mine is coming soon! I am so happy!” He told us about how he feels goosebumps when he prays or reads the Book of Mormon. It’s so great. He understands everything we have taught him so well. After the baptism, we taught him again and in his closing prayer, he said “help me to have eternal life through the temple.” He was referencing a phrase that the bishop used in his remarks at Bam’s baptism. He talked about how through the temple and through being sealed to her eternal companion, Bam would be able to receive eternal life if she lived worthily. When Na (our investigator) closed his prayer, he looked at us and said, “Sisters...what’s a temple? I see a building in my’s tall and has three spires...” Sister Weed and I just looked at each other and raised our eyebrows. I pulled out the photo of the Salt Lake temple that I have in my bag and showed him. He looked at it and almost started to cry. “Sisters. That is the building I saw in my mind.” We all had goosebumps. It was amazing.

So yes, the work is good and solid, my visa is renewed for another 3 months, and I am happy and well and surrounded by a heavenly light. :)

So much love,

Sister...I don’t know. Haha. Hughes. :)
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(Sorry, my card reader must not be working? No photos again...I'll do my best to have some next week!)

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