Monday, September 16, 2013


I'M CURRENTLY SITTING IN AN INTERNET PLACE  that has American music BLARING. I have listened to that new Pitbull and JLo song and we are now listening to Ke$ha. Definitely not MoTab, am I right or what? It’s kind of exciting.

This week was really good!! 

Tuesdays are one of my favorite days of the week. I love teaching English class. We play games to help people learn the language and it’s so fun. I love teaching words you won’t find in a dictionary— not like hardcore slang or anything, but things that people say every day that you wouldn’t learn in a formal English class. Things like “What in the world?” and “uh-huh” and “uh-uh” and “oops” and “holy cow!” haha. People find those so entertaining. Anyway, English class was a little harder this week...people weren’t too interested in focusing on the lesson. It was raining so hard outside. (The world here literally shuts down when it rains.) I gave our spiritual thought in Thai, and when the lesson was over, I was so relieved. Sister Weed and I were packing up when one of the older men who learns in our class came up to me, and in halting English, he said “Sister, you have made good progress in Thai.” It was so heartwarming and I felt better about everything in the world. :)

We also randomly found two new investigators this week. They just kinda came out of nowhere...I literally don’t know how we found them. All I know is that on Wednesday we started teaching both of them. Haha. Both women are Christian already! That doesn’t happen often here...except for recently. All of the missionaries in our ward are currently teaching Christians. What? It’s pretty cool, but also challenging because we’re trying to figure out how to best do that. Anyway, both were awesome experiences. I love teaching the first lesson and looking people in the eye and saying “This is true. You can find out for yourself if you pray. Try it.” It never fails to be an awesome experience.

On Saturday, we taught Bam about the Ten Commandments. Because she is under 18, we need to have an adult with us. But our adult cancelled on we were pretty desperate. There was a Relief Society activity going on there at the church, but we felt guilty asking someone to help us and pull them away from their activity. And then President Suchaad walked into the church. He was there because his wife is the RS president. We asked him if he had a few spare minutes and he did. So we had the opportunity to teach with him, which is kind of a wonderful deal. Because how many people can say they have taught the gospel with one of the first converts in Thailand who later helped translate the Book of Mormon into Thai? It was so neat. He’s such a good teacher and he knows and loves the gospel. I learned a lot about teaching from him.

One thing I love about Sundays is the singing. Thai singing is different than English singing. My theory is that you can’t sing with tones but that is how it is. It’s such a joy for me to sit there and listen to everyone. The meeting was really wonderful—a lot of spiritually motivating talks about how to prepare for the blessing of having a temple in Thailand. It was the kind of meeting that you think about for weeks afterwards because it was just so good. Everyone just needs to have faith stronger than rain. (Like I said, when it rains, the world shuts down and people don’t go to church.) And we need to be brave and just share the gospel. It’s a goal that is attainable. We currently have one stake in all of Thailand, but we are sooooooo close to having a second in Bangkok, a third in the Eson, and a fourth in the North. I think everyone felt motivated. The closing song was “Families Can Be Together Forever.” It was so awesome; I understood every word we sang, and it beautifully underscored the importance of having a temple in Thailand so perfectly. It was just so awesome.

So that’s about it for this week! Today Sister Weed and I are hitting up Swenson’s—we haven’t done that for about 3 weeks now! We're really slacking on our ice cream consumption. Time to fix that. Haha. 

Also...I’m sorry there won't be any photos this week...the computer I’m using won’t let me attach photos :/ 


ซิสเฅอร์ ฮิซส์
Sister Hughes

Quote of the Week:

Ray—an eternal investigator who is always at the church—in very broken English telling Sister Weed and I that “” That was pretty trippy.

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