Monday, January 6, 2014

Happy 2257! I mean...2014

The statue we found while lost.

In Thailand, there is a different year system. It's based off of when Buddha was born, not Christ. So...I am living in the future. WEIRD.

+   This week was interesting, that's for sure. It was New Year's Eve. New Year's is a bigger deal in Thailand than just about anything else in the whole wide world. For me, it consisted of a lot of Chinese tourists who couldn't speak Thai, a lot of fireworks and Roman Candles (at all hours of the day, not a joke), and lots and lots of lanterns being set off at dusk. It was like Tangled. Only better because it was real. I can't get over the lanterns.

+   Chiang Mai is a really great city to get lost in, which Sister Woodbury and I tend to do a lot. But it's all good, after I get lost once, I remember the real way to get around haha :) The other day we accidentally found this massive wat...we made a wrong turn trying to find Chiang Mai University and boop! There was this ENORMOUS golden Buddha statue. I don't mind getting lost here. You find a lot of cool things.

+   So here's the real update on Chiang Mai. Sister Woodbury and I are really struggling to find investigators right now. We have been hittting the streets really hard and...yeah. But we have faith that we will find people. Sometimes it just takes time. This week in my personal study, I found a really great pattern in the scriptures. Every day I have been reading from both the Book of Mormon and the New Testament. I like reading in the New Testament because it is such a good way to study the life of the Savior - what He taught, how He taught, where He taught. And one thing He says all the time is that all things are possible to those who believe, and all things are possible to them who trust in God. So there we have it folks, that is also the recipe for finding investigators.

FAITH + TRUST + HARD WORK = results :)
(it also doesn't hurt to pray for miracles.)

+   There is a woman in my branch in Chiang Mai who is from Paris. She and I were actually in the same ward together in St. Merri! I have been translating for her each week, and it has been a really big blessing for both of us, I think.
     This Sunday was fast Sunday. She looked at me part way through the meeting and said, "Would you be able to translate my testimony to Thai?" I told her I would. We stood up at the podium together and it was such a wonderful experience. She expressed her love for the Savior and her knowledge that we are all children of God. We are all divine. It was pretty wonderful because everything she said was what I would have said if I had stood up to bear my testimony on my own. It was a wonderful sort of double testimony.

+   This week Sister Woodbury and I also sticker coded our keys because we have about 25 and we don't know what they go to yet. So we've been putting stickers on the ones we use. For example: Church gate = yellow leaf, House gate = pink mushroom, House door = golden hedgehog, Bike lock = green snail, and so on and so forth. It's fun. We don't talk about locks any more. We just say, "Oh, we need to unlock the pink mushroom to get through the golden hedgehog." Good times on a mission.

+   This week I've also been thinking about why I'm on a mission. I mean, I know why I came on a mission. But what is keeping me out here? Here are my two reasons that I came up with.

1. It's all true.
2. 2 Nephi 26:27

So that's about it for this week. Sorry it's a pretty short update...BUT I am happy and I am working hard and Sister Woodbury and I love Chiang Mai. 

Until next week,

Sister Hughes!

- - - - - - - - - -


As we are falling asleep, Dan in Real Life popped into my head and I said, "This an angel." Turns out Sister Woodbury loves Dan in Real Life, too, and we laughed for about ten minutes. 

British Man to his son at a restaurant: "Did it taste of Korean spices?"

Sister Ng to me: "I'm sorry if I'm staring at your face, it's just like you're really pretty. I want to draw your face. The folds in your eyes out."

E. Cox: The gospel must be taught to the gentiles.
E. Wood: Well Thais are gentiles. Actually, everyone but the Jews are gentiles.
E. Cox: Well, that's not exactly true, according to Josephus...

It's been an entertaining week in the quotes section.

Pray for Shamuu. He's barely hanging on.  : )
This is Chiang Mai.

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