Monday, January 20, 2014

“This mind is like the Library of Congress, Khun Slaugh...”—Elder Wheeler

The sisters of Chiang Mai always match on accident. : )

Hi family! 
The week went by so fast. So so fast. We worked hard every day and were so exhausted by the time we got home. It was great.
Lots happened:

Last Monday we went to FHE at a member's house. We were following the elders on our bikes down the highway, but since we are in Thailand, we of course got stuck in traffic and were separated from Elder Wheeler and Elder Nirut. They told us we would be going straight for a "long time" before we turned so we just kept going...and going...and going...and couldn't find them. So we got a really long ways out of Chiang Mai and decided to call Elder Nirut. He was like, "You didn't see us turn?" I was like, "You didn't wait for us at the street where you turned?" and then we were both like "Dohhhhhhhhh" so we had to back track and they had to come find us. It was pretty hilarious, but Sister Woodbury and I got a good workout in. Haha.

On Tuesday we got to district meeting and Elder Campbell was there. Surprise! He is now one of the APs. It was just like being in Saphaan Suung again. Except we were in Chiang Mai and it wasn't really like Saphaan Suung at really it was just like serving with Elder Campbell again. Haha. We also got 4 really awesome investigators on Tuesday. YEAH. Two of them told us they felt like they "finally found God" and two of them were telling us that they felt like they were finally finding answers in Christianity that they never have had. They felt like it was going to help them overcome their problems in life. :)

Wednesday was a day of epic proportions. In our district, we have been playing pranks on each other. It's been lots of fun. They're all harmless and very dumb, but we love them. I have a wonderful supply of stickers (thank you mom, thank you Auntie Carrie) that I have been using every couple of days. We like to put stickers on the elders’ bikes. Especially the sparkly flower ones. Anyway, on Wednesday night, we had a choir practice. We left choir and Elder Wheeler, on the way out, says, "Hey Sister Slaugh, keep your chin up." The elders hung her bike in a tree at the church and locked it up. Elder Wheeler had remembered Sister Slaugh's combination from when they served together in Bangkapi. He said, "This mind is like the Library of Congress, Khun Slaugh..." (Khun is a polite title, like Miss.) We're still trying to figure out how to get them back.

Friday we had our sports night again, it was just as epic as last week. We had a huge game of soccer going and it was awesome.

Saturday. We met with one of our investigators named Bombay. He is 9 years old and the son of a recently baptized member. He is crazy with a 2 second attention span. Picture Russell from Up! and you've got Bombay. He's so stinkin funny. We taught him about Enos and prayer. He said he wants to be the prophet some day if he can wrestle with God like Enos did. I think he almost got it... :)

Yesterday we were one lesson short from being a balanced companionship. In our mission, President Senior has set a standard of excellence of what each companionship should be achieving, key indicator-wise. We literally needed one more member lesson and we had 20 minutes left to get it in. We prayed for a miracle and hit the street outside the church. Sure enough, there was a girl who wanted to come in and see what the church was like. We found a member who helped us teach her about baptism and give her a tour. She will be coming back on Tuesday afternoon to meet with us again, and we FINALLY got balanced key indicators for the first time this transfer. It's little miracles like that that help me remember that God loves me and He loves all of his children. :)

Also, please pray for one of our investigators, Lolee! She is an amazing amazing person! Keeping her in your prayers would be a big help :)

I love being a missionary. Life in Chiang Mai is great.

I will end with a quote from Up! because I can't get it out of my head.

"I was hiding under your porch because I love you."

Sister Hughes.

Me and Yim. She is going on her mission to San Diego!! We're switching homes : ) She is my favorite person ever.
Family Home Evening with Sister Ying. 
English class in which we taught two monks that "Mike Wazowski is round, not fat." 
Elder Campbell served in Chiang Mai a year ago and knew Bombay. He was so excited about Bombay getting baptized that he did this in the missionary office at our church building. haha.
Sister Slaugh and her bike in a tree. Whoops.
Me and SisterWoodbury lost on the highway . . . haha
Eating a cricket. It was actually really good!

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