Tuesday, September 9, 2014

“Mind your Speas and Hughes” —Elder Brown

Meeting with Elder Allen and Elder Funk, Asoke meetinghouse
Dearest Family Family Dearest,

Not a whole lot to report this week...whoops. We were sick for a few days. Being sick as a missionary is actually the worst thing in the world. We wanted to get out and work. Curse the stomach flu. And we also spent a while traveling to Bangkok and back. But it was still a good week!

Wednesday was Sister Speas' birthday! We celebrated by eating real food for the first time since Sunday...but then it made us sick again so we sat in the mall where we ate very slowly while trying to not be sick. Happy Birthday, Sister Speas...... I bought her some new pens. It was a good day.

We also had Coldstone ice cream while in Bangkok because, hey, it's Sister Speas' birthday WEEK, you know. :)

We had a missionary conference this week in Bangkok with Elder Stephen Allen of the Seventy. He is also the managing director of the Missionary Department. Elder Allen was very direct; he let us all know how well we are doing with many things, and then challenged us to do better on many more. We were taught about what we can do to better serve the way the Lord would have us serve. We were taught so many things that we can do to improve as missionaries and together as a mission— we can better recognize that members can be some of our greatest resources and great supports and friends for our recent converts. There were so many good things; my head is still spinning a little. I’m excited about making the changes needed to be a better missionary. 

So change is change. We can change on our own. We can change anything and everything we want to. 
And this week I have thought a lot about repentance. What true repentance is.

Repentance is change through the Savior. It is being humble and calling upon Him to help us change. This change is permanent if we abide in His word. This is the type of change that enables us to become like Him.

Here is the comfort I found this week as I was contemplating how to repent, refine, and become a better missionary—and person—in general. D&C 84.

 77 And again I say unto you, my friends, for from henceforth I shall call you friends, it is expedient that I give unto you this commandment, that ye become even as my friends in days when I was with them, traveling to preach the gospel in my power;
 78 For I suffered them not to have purse or scrip, neither two coats.
 79 Behold, I send you out to prove the world, and the laborer is worthy of his hire.
 80 And any man that shall go and preach this gospel of the kingdom, and fail not to continue faithful in all things, shall not be weary in mind, neither darkened, neither in body, limb, nor joint; and a hair of his head shall not fall to the ground unnoticed. And they shall not go hungry, neither athirst.

As we work with Christ and become His friends, we will become the missionaries He would have us be. He will make us worthy of our calling. I am so grateful to have Christ as my Savior and as my friend.

I love you, family.

Sister Hughes

Quote of the Week:

Elder Brown called us and said, "I've just come up with the most hilarious thing... Mind your Speas and Hughes!!!" We all laughed so hard. 

President Senior directing us all when taking the group photo.  : )
Brother Sri Thai and his 100 year old framed Mother Mary.
His mother brought this with her from Vietnam when she immigrated to Thailand.
Sister Speas’ birthday lunch.

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