Monday, June 9, 2014

Sometimes a Little Rain is the Best Blessing

My wonderful district

Dearest Family,

OY! I wish I was there so bad! The graduation looked so epic. I can't believe Walker is graduated. I can't believe he is so big. I am so confused about where the time is blows my mind!

This week we had two really special moments. We have an investigator named Prem who is so wonderful and sassy. I love that lady. Her younger sister has been a church member for about 2 years and she is good friends with another member here in Sisaket. She told her friend that she wanted to learn how to stop drinking and have a better life, so here we are, teaching her. This week we taught her about God’s plan for each of us. I think it was a lot of information for her to process, realizing her true and divine potential and finally beginning to understand who Christ is and what He means to her. We read Mosiah 3 verses 7 through 10 with her. I love these verses of scripture that teach and testify of Christ's great love for each of us. I loved watching the change in Prem as she realized just how much Christ loves her. She said, "I can't believe that He didn't have to do that, but He did. He suffered so much and gave so much...I feel like I want to cry." And then she did. I have never had an investigator cry when learning about the Savior before. It was such a wonderful moment. I wish everyone I talk to could understand the Savior like Prem does. She wants to get baptized, but is so scared of the big change it will be for her. Please say a couple of prayers for her. :)

This week I also realized that I have a really big problem with my Ls and my Rs. Even in English. Sister Croft and I have been in laughing fits all week because we are catching our mistakes more and more frequently. It happens too much for it to just be "an accident." Whoops. We're struggling with The Engrish in these parts.

Speaking of Engrish, while teaching the 30 childrens this week, I got to take all the little kids (6 and under) to the side and teach them the English alphabet and play games. They were so funny, asking me questions like this: Teacher, have you ever eaten a red ant? Teacher, have you ever eaten Somtam? Teacher, have you ever eaten a shrimp? Teacher, why are your eyes blue? (One little girl answered this question and said, "She's from America, of course. Everyone has blue eyes and speaks English over there." I was dying.) Teacher, why are my eyes brown? Teacher, why are you so pretty? Teacher, can I pretend you are my mom? Oy, it killed me. They were so funny. I very much enjoyed myself.

This week we had an investigator get baptized. Her name is Fone (her name means Rain). I love looking back on the change that the Savior brought about in her life, too. Oh, she is so cute. When Sister Croft and I first got to Sisaket, we met and started teaching a man named Kob (pronounced Gope) who was so interested in the gospel. We taught him a lot, but he didn't really progress because he couldn't get baptized. He is amazing, though! Probably one of the saddest moments of my mission was when we had to stop teaching him. Just before we stopped teaching him, though, he brought his girlfriend to a lesson. She had no idea she was coming... They walked in together and she looked like a deer in the headlights. She was so terrified of us. He told her he had an appointment at the church and all she would have to do is sit and wait for him to be done. Little did she know we would fully involve her in the lesson and invite her to pray and read in the scriptures and go to church and be baptized. She was so scared that day, but she said she would come back. And she did, again and again. 

The change in Fone is amazing. A shy and very quiet young woman is now confident and happy. She had so much faith in the Savior that she made every change needed in order to be baptized. She quietly went about and changed her life. She saw what she needed to do and then did it. She was glowing when she passed her baptismal interview. She was all smiles at her baptism. I am so proud of her and I am so impressed by her faith. There is a very special place in my suitcase heart for that girl. 

6 of the 30 childrens got baptized this week, and Elder Hartman and Elder Angkham baptized a third person who is originally from Cambodia this transfer. That brings us to a total of 8 baptisms in Sisaket for the week. That has never happened before. It is a miracle! :)

So all in all, it was a good week. I thought a lot about you this week, family. I told everyone that my brother was graduating high school and that he was the coolest cat around (oops, no wildcat pun intended haha). I love you guys all so much!! <3

All of my love (and there's a whole lot of it),
Sister Hughes

The little kidlets and the alphabet

Family Home Evening—grilling pork! So fun and so delicious
Elder Bassett at English class pretending to be a lost tourist so that everyone could give him directions in English.
He did such a good job; ti was hilarious
The most epic newspaper hat ever
Out in the fields : )
The sunsets here never cease to amaze me

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