Monday, June 30, 2014

Humans are Humans of Surprise

Our last district photo before transfers : )

Dearest Family Family Dearest,

This week was so great. And really long. It was divided into lots of parts—part one: waiting to find out about transfers, part two: transfers, and part three: after transfers. This week was a mini eternity, but it was so great. I have a great story to share. :)

I have written home before about how God is a God of Surprise. I still firmly believe this, and it's confirmed to me every day of my mission. But another principle I am learning is that Humans are Humans of Surprise. It only makes sense, doesn't it? We are children of God, divine beings with godlike qualities. I think one of the qualities that we have all inherited is the quality of *surprise* (those are supposed to be sparkles because surprises are sparkly, of course).

On Monday, after a really full p-day of going to the booming Sisaket Zoo (there were like 5 birds and maybe 15 deer...oh and some really weird cows), we were all on pins and needles waiting for the call about moves. As we were eating dinner at a member's house, Elder Lim got a call from the Zone Leaders. He came back and said, "Elder Bassett is the only one in our district moving." Then the Zone Leaders called again. We all were was a really long phone call...we all were contemplating throwing up?...and then he came into the room and said, "The Zone Leaders called about Prem...she wants to get baptized tomorrow in Ubon." (Background, we were so sad about her not getting baptized because she was moving to Ubon for two months to go to beauty school, I forgot to mention that last by this point, she was in Ubon.) We were all shocked. WHAT?! Then another phone call from the Zone Leaders...and they gave us permission to go to the baptism :)

So on Tuesday, Sister Croft and I skipped our weekly English class and left the elders to organize the class and teach on their own (no, I was not stressed, if you are wondering...haha) and went to Ubon. It's fine, we just go to Ubon every other day. Haha. Prem picked us up at the bus station and told us all about what happened. She got to Ubon and saw her sister, Game, who is a member. They talked for a while and then Prem saw some of her other member friends at a family home evening activity. Something was said by someone—I may never know what happened exactly—but they said what she needed to hear to help her overcome her fears about being baptized. And so she decided to get baptized. On Tuesday. I have never seen someone so happy or excited to get baptized. I asked her before the service how she felt. She said, "In 15 more minutes, I will be born again." :)

Sister Croft and I got to bear our testimonies at her baptism, along with Sister Painter and SIster Jackson. It was such a cool experience. I shared Moroni 10:32 because prophets know how to say what I want to say better than I do. And then I sat back down and Prem and I held hands until it was time for her to get baptized. After her baptism, she said, "Sister Hughes, I am a new person." Oy, she is so good it kills me. I love her so much.

And that was the miracle and surprise of the week. Prem surprise changed her mind and had a surprise baptism and surprise I got permission to be there for it. I love surprises.

Elder Bassett was the only person to leave our district...he moved to Bangkok and is in Rangsit. It is 100% the opposite of Sisaket. He'll like it. And the new member of our district is...Elder Butler! He's a greenie :) Everyone kept saying, "I feel so bad for Elder Butler...being new in country is so tiring." I agreed, but secretly felt worse for Elder Lim because I am the only other person in our district who has trained before and I know how tired he is. Haha. It's going to be a really good transfer. (And yes, only elders came in this transfer, but next transfer there will be 8 sisters coming in. Good thing, too. Sister Weed and Sister Painter are dying (going home) next transfer—there are about 10 sisters in their group total—and Sister Zaugg is dying in the middle of August...SO WEIRD.)

And that was the week. It was pretty darn exciting. My suitcase heart is getting really heavy, but I don't even care. I'm happy as can be :) This coming week is the 4th of can bet we will be celebrating it at the Sisaket waffle house. MERICA! (That also marks my one year in did I get so old in the mission?!)

All my loves,
Sister Hungry

The best water buffalo you'll ever see.

Me. River. 
Prem's baptism. Me, Prem, and Sister Croft.
Me, Prem, Sister Croft and Game.

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